National Pasta Day


To celebrate National Pasta Day, Olive Garden targeted Millennials and teens on Snapchat through a filter and a Snap Ad. We partnered with influencers and organically, the brand  pushed messaging out through their owned channels. The increase in messaging stimulated an increase in online engagement and in restaurant foot traffic.

22.95M total social media impressions (influencer + organic social + paid social)
62% website traffic was driven by our SnapChat activations
All efforts led to a 10.6% increase in restaurant sales + 9.6% in total guest count compared to the same day last year


This Filter had a use rate of 15.5% and was used a total of 391K times. 
As a shared space filter on high school and college campuses,
the filter had 5.9M impressions. 

ezgif.com-optimize (3).gif

We promoted this video as a Instagram Story Ad and a Snapchat Ad.
On Instagram, the ad had a 6.15M reach with 480K+ 3-sec views.
On Snapchat, the ad had 8.2M impressions.



For the launch of Olive Garden's new dish, the Meatball Pizza Bowl, we activated a Audience filter and an Ad on Snapchat that led to a direct (+ major) increase in sales of the Meatball Pizza Bowl in restaraunt. 


The audience filter had 18.2M impressions and had over 544K+ shares. 

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On Snapchat, the ad gained more than 33.8M impressions and reached 12.4M unique people.